Friday, 30 May 2008


Sandy Szwarc’s analysis on childhood obesity statistics concluding with the following paragraph --’When will taxpayers call these special interests on their bluff and begin to hold them responsible for the massive amount of public moneys and resources they’ve spent in the name of a childhood obesity epidemic — money that could have gone a long way towards improving educational opportunities and healthcare for children and families? When will the public demand evidence-based public health policies? When will parents hold these obesity interests accountable for the harmful effects of their initiatives and the nonstop weight obsessions that have surrounded their children?’’ -- exposes how the latest report -- based on the most reliable statistics available -- on childhood overweight from the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are making it increasingly harder for the pharmaceutical industry and its front groups including the media, to keep up with the spinning and propaganda on the artificial childhood obesity epidemic.

Indeed, the report states that childhood obesity in the U.S. has leveled off in the last decade. Ms Szwarc’s analysis of the report and the attempted downplaying by the media is complete with graphs and documented facts. A must read!

Read it at: The epidemic that wasn’t?

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