Monday, 4 January 2010


Given that the British smoking ban will be up for review in 2010, the Democracy Institute, with offices both in London and Washington, has prepared a 27 page report on why smoking bans are not only unnecessary but bad public policy.

The report cleverly illustrates why smoking bans cause more perverse consequences than the good they have allegedly attempted to bring to societies including the increase in smoking prevalence. It is an easy read accessible to everyone that factually debunks most of the angles the pro-ban faction uses to justify smoking bans.

Let’s hope that this report will assist British politicians to be the first to see clearly through the smokescreen the anti-smoking cabal has created and that it sets the trend for other responsible governments to make the year 2010 the one that will bring back harmony and civility in societies throughout the developed world. It is our sincere wish for the new year.

Are Public Smoking Bans Necessary?

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