Tuesday, 26 January 2010


This article from the National Post was provided to us by our friends at the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

We highlighted the case Michael Schmidt some time ago as a perfect example of government health officials being too powerful, (and obviously not busy enough) for our own good. Read about it here, here and here

At C.A.G.E., we sincerely admire Michael Schmidt for standing up and fighting for what he believes in, and we appreciate the efforts demonstrated by Justice Paul Kowarsky in delivering such a well-researched judgment.

We once again elaborate that what the public needs most, and what would be best for a free and enlightened society is more transparency, accountability, full and truthful labeling of products, and free market choice, and much less government bans and across the board restrictions.

Let people inform themselves, let them take responsibility for their actions, and do not force them to do or not to do anything that someone else decides is good or bad or risky or too much fun. A nanny-state with powerful health-care bureaucrats whose dictates are enforced by statutory and even penal laws is not conducive to a free and enlightened society, and is not the sort of Canada that we wish to live in.

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