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The following opinion piece that appeared in the January 9th edition of the Windsor Star, sums up exactly what is wrong with the healthist movement and the apathy of the people in the name of health and political correctness.

From the lucrative industry that epidemiology (aka politicized science) has become, to the pharmaceutical industry’s corporate interests in inventing diseases that need ‘’fixing’’ through dangerous drugs, the writer of this piece has pinned the situation down to a science.

We only have one comment for this editorial: If more people would see as clearly as this writer how we are being manipulated ‘’for our own good’’, our healthcare systems and economies would not be in the mess they are today and reason would reign over collective hype and paranoia!

Enjoy reading the article but more importantly, please take the time to do something about denouncing this outrageous manipulation. Never hesitate to express your opinion to the media and to our politicians. You might think you’re being ignored and perhaps you would be if you were the only one doing it. However, they couldn’t possibly ignore our cries if only a greater number of us expressed our disgust and deep concern as to where they’re leading us.

Gradual stripping away of freedoms

The Windsor Star

Comox Valley Echo January 9, 2009

It was with dismay but not surprise that I read the editorial reprinted from the Times Colonist regarding Dr. Perry Kendall's recommendations for yet more laws to be passed dealing with alcohol. What disturbs me more is people's apparent willingness to keep tolerating this gradual stripping away of our personal freedoms.

Are we so busy being concerned about political correctness that we can't see what's going on around us? We are being told what to do and how to live constantly; in school, on TV, on the job, everywhere we go. These rules and regulations often come about as a result of "studies", a lucrative business indeed, especially in the case of health. Fats, carbs, vitamins, coffee, tea, you name it, it's been studied to death. But it doesn't stop there. Seems all the studies don't agree, so we need more. I guess to disprove last year's study, and then inform us. Or tell us they were right after all. Or because a study's no good unless it gives the hoped-for result, so scrap it and do another one. Ow, feels like a good swift kick in the wallet to me.

Bad enough that John Q Public has to foot the bill for this, like it or not, but we shouldn't have to endure the added indignity of having the "results" used to justify unfair bans and taxes. I guess the extra taxes could be used for yet more studies. Personally, I don't relish having to pay for the stick they plan to beat me with.

In the UK in 2007, the government, in a fit of absolute lunacy, decided to ban cheese ads for children, because someone somewhere had decided cheese is bad for us. Diet pop was not banned. Where has common sense gone? Britain's fanatical antismoking legislation has had a devastating effect on the economy, particularly for pub owners. Apparently, unemployment and poverty are better for your health than having a cigarette in a pub. But, that's OK, folks, because smokers are dirty, dangerous antisocial cretins who don't know what's good for them. Make no mistake, portly ones, they're coming for you next. Or have you not noticed that people seem to feel free to insult "overweight" people now, because the government has decided how much you should weigh. One of the first steps in social engineering is to ostracize the target group.
Don't things like toll-free rat lines scare anybody? Doesn't it bother you that schools undermine parental authority by promoting the government's agenda? This same government which allows big pharmaceutical companies to bombard us constantly with ads flogging pills for minor ( possibly even nonexistent) ailments, even though the side effects can kill you? Nice to hear, though, that Health Canada is "in the process of creating stronger wordings" on product labels such as Champix, an antismoking drug, because taking it might cause you to go crazy and/or kill yourself or someone else . These are the same people who expect you to believe little Willy will wilt if you smoke.

If people don't take a stand now, we could all end up living nice healthy lives, subsisting on bags of People Chow (complete nutrition guaranteed) and ingesting prescription drugs by the bucketful. That's not living, that's livestock. And what does livestock do but provide profit for the owner.

Well, I'm not livestock. And, like Winston Churchill (who, in addition to fighting for our freedoms, drank, smoked, and ate chocolates until it finally killed him at age 90), I will never surrender. They'll have to pry that KitKat from my cold dead hand.

Lynne Powell

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