Saturday, 31 January 2009


Their attempts to stifle the debate by prohibiting the 1st anti-prohibition conference through despicable totalitarian tactics were thoroughly unsuccessful. The ‘’forbidden to think’’ conference at the Sylken Hotel in Brussels replacing the original scheduled conference at the European Parliament Building was a roaring success in uniting the cries of citizens from various countries with those of elected politicians and honest scientific authorities. The speakers were convincingly informative, the crowd was responsive, the spirits were high. All this was accomplished with a next to nothing budget with delegates from England, Whales, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Austria, the U.S.A., Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, paying for their own expenses contrary to what they want you to believe and their own chronic addiction to our taxes and pharma money for their fancy assemblies.

Much was brought to light during this rigorously scientific but nevertheless accessible to the ordinary citizen conference. From economic hardships that defeat their ‘’smoking bans are better for business’’ rhetoric, to the passive smoking fraud, psychological harms caused by the stigma and civil rights for everyone regardless of their lifestyle choices, make no mistake, the debate on tobacco prohibitions is far from being over. They can run from the truth but cannot hide forever. Freedom lovers, honest scientists and an ever increasing number of informed ordinary citizens will spread truth and hold those spreading bigotry and lies fully accountable for their immoral, unethical and inhuman actions. Even the biggest lies are sooner or later unmasked and truth lovers will see that it happens by any and every means possible. They can ban, slander, prohibit, intimidate, ridicule, shame, mock and threaten but they cannot and will not shut off the debate! And this of course is making them very very nervous and afraid. One of their
latest papers blatantly transpires their worries and apprehensions. They have every reason to worry. Sooner than they realize they will run out of excuses to evade honest debate and that is a promise!

C.A.G.E. delegates at the conference extend their sincere congratulations and thanks to the individuals who were mainly responsible for the organization of this world assembly and reiterate their continued collaboration and exchange towards free and tolerant societies for all.

You can read the live coverage of one of the delegates here:

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