Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Another piece of ridiculous junk science hit the media this week. While the debate on the harms of second hand smoke is raging more than ever since an ever increasing number of reputed scientists are denouncing the biased methods of the second hand smoke cherry picked findings, we are now being hit by an even more irrational fear propaganda for the obvious purpose of further stigmatizing smokers and isolating them from their friends, family, employers and landlords : Lo and behold we are told, third hand smoke is a menace !

We will not dignify this nonsense with an analysis of the findings of the study. Instead, we offer you a copy of a letter sent out by one of our members to the CBC, one of the many media that reported the study. Although the writer addressed his letter only to the CBC, all of the media that dignified this anti-smoker hogwash by reporting it, deserve the same justified criticism.

Just saw your news story about "thirdhand smoke". The story angle should have been about how gullible reporters too lazy to get an unbiased second opinion pander to the panic- mongering of charlatans. I can’t believe you went with this story, and that you did so in such a poor manner. It’s absurd and makes me question your network’s common sense. You would do better to start worrying about the real pollution outside of cars and homes rather than the residual smell of tobacco inside a car or room. If we were to believe your stories, we should start wondering how all the people who smoked or were surrounded by smoke before the 1990s are even still alive. Shame on you.

Read the CBC article here

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