Tuesday 13 January 2009


On May 19, 2008 we posted a comment about the underground milk market and Mr. Michael Schmidt who defies an umpteenth healthist law in Canada by supplying raw milk to a select customer base.

Canwest has published a follow-up article on this story that motivates us to once again congratulate Mr. Schmidt who is willing to go a long way to defend his principles which very much resemble those of C.A.G.E. ‘’Can I decide for myself what is good for me or does the government have to decide that?" is the basis for Mr. Schmidt’s defiance and the lengths he will go to in order to defend his right to self-autonomy.

Once again public health uses the ‘’for the children’’ classical excuse to justify their intransigence. According to what we learn from the article, Canada is the only G8 country with an outright ban on the sale of raw milk. Oh what lengths our healthist government will go to to protect our children while our public hospitals are infested with c-difficile and thousands of people young and old die yearly from medical errors while none of Mr. Schmidt’s customers ever got sick! Which begs the question: What stops bureaucrats from regularly verifying if the raw milk sold in some dedicated farms is safe for human consumption instead of once again taking the easy way out and outright banning it thus removing all choice? It has become more than insulting to undermine adult intelligence and parental judgment to this point. It is in fact beginning to be very frightening. Will they eventually remove children from their biological parents to raise them in sterilized state camps until they are deemed of legal age to protect themselves from their parents? If the tendency doesn’t get reversed somehow, we are afraid that this scenario is really not that farfetched. Let's not forget that parental abuse and neglect laws do exist for those unfortunate children that do indeed have irresponsible parents. If they can prove raw milk is actually harming a particular child but the parents insist they drink it, they can easily enforce these already existent laws.

If you would like to address letters of encouragement or a donation to Mr. Schmidt’s defense fund you can do so via his website at: http://www.glencoltonfarms.com/

Raw milk: what's the risk?

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