Tuesday, 20 January 2009


We actually had to check the URL of this article twice to make sure we were not into some hoax, or prank website before believing that what we were reading was published in a serious context!

The source reporting this latest scientific discovery is Diabetes Health and here’s what they have to say about their company in their ‘’about us’’ section (bold emphasis our's): ''It’s gratifying to note the growth and development of our company and of Diabetes Health magazine. With diabetes an epidemic in the 21st century, we plan to continue our mission. Our new name, new design, new features and new Web site reflect our commitment to bring you the most current and useful information about diabetes every single month.''

The title of the article: Physical Activity Doesn’t Reduce Obesity On Its Own

And just who exactly claimed that it did? Isn’t it common knowledge that in order to lose weight we have to burn more calories than we eat and in order to gain weight we have to eat more than we burn? Are there really people out there that still don’t know that? If so, we sadly feel compelled to declare that we only have the government that we deserve!

These Einstein researchers observed that African-American and Nigerian women differed in weight albeit they were burning the same amount of calories during their daily activities. Eureka, they exclaimed, if it’s not the exercise that explains the difference between the two groups, then it must be what African-American women are ingesting that is making them fatter!

And so they discovered that fatty foods make people fat even if they are as active as people who do not eat fatty foods.

Are these researchers actually declaring that they have just invented the four hole button, or is the anti-obesity gravy train so lucrative that they’ll research just about anything providing some fools are willing to pay and publish it? And who exactly paid for this study? And why would a magazine that has made a ‘’commitment to bring us the most current and useful information about diabetes every single month’’ would even publish such a study?

What will they come up for a ‘’scientific’’ study next? Will they be widely spreading their brand new discovery that if people didn’t swallow the food they eat they wouldn’t be putting on weight?

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