Tuesday 28 August 2012


Contrary to lazy or uneducated  journalists, this reporter gets it and reports it clearly!  McKnight: Study comparing eating yolks to smoking has egg on its face


Patricia Daly
Cheif Medical Officer CVH

Kudos to the seniors who are fighting public health tyranny.  Shame on the Coastal Vancouver Health chief medical officer who pushes senior people around just because she thinks she can.  A C.A.G.E. representative was interviewed on this and the article is pending publicationSeniors fuming over indoor smoking ban


How Big Pharma buys doctors and politicians.  Fourty five million settlement - a slap on the wrist and all part of doing business for Pfizer.  Pfizer settles foreign bribery charges

The anti-smoker industry can fool politicians but they can't fool the U.S. courts which have ruled that you can't violate the constitution  without a shred of evidence  that graphic warnings help decrease smoking prevalence.    Appeals Court Nixes Cigarette Warnings


Bully Bloomberg on the war on soda:  ''Compared to smoking, this is an easy battle to win and nobody’s going to stop this''  Soda war a cinch: Mike


Political correctness and intolerance gone totally mad in one Nebraska school.  School asks deaf preschooler to change his sign language name


From Super Nanny state Australia: 


James Paterson takes on a Nanny Stater  Simon Chapman (Top Australian Nanny) who is working diligently towards ''the end game'' (neologism for prohibition) in Australia, clearly  illustrates once again how the tobacco control industry resorts to ad homs when short of logical arguments.  

Simple Simon's slippery slope More on the same Australian nanny