Monday, 28 March 2011


The speed at which the anti-obesity campaign is progressing is simply astonishing. While it took a few decades for the anti-tobacco crusaders to reach absurd levels of propaganda, it took less than a decade for the anti-obesity apostles to catch up to them.  Good heavens! At this rate, we will soon have to pray for a miracle to save the obese from the socially engineered denormalization process!  This is exactly what we meant when six years ago we warned the public that opening the door to holier-than-thou ideologies, no matter how one felt about the smoking issue, is a very slippery slope.

With grants from entities with vested interests such as the RW Johnson Foundation  fueling the anti-obesity mission, only the sky is the limit to how far some researchers will go to get a piece of the pie.  Some such studies prompted headlines as extreme as:  

Obesity is contributing to global warming: study

Health Experts Call Obesity A Threat to National Security

Obesity 'Virus' Spreads Like Common Cold, Scientists Say

The latest  ‘’discovery’’ solemnly explains Why Going to Church Can Make You Fat
with the researchers now claiming that although religious people tend to be more obese, it is that same religious mindset that can save them from obesity.  Huh huh, sure, whatever, as long as it brings bread and wine to the scientist's table!

After taking a look at this in-depth article from Sandy Szwarc exposing the vested interests in the anti-obesity campaign and particularly the RW Johnson Foundation’s implication, does anyone still believe that the healthist movement is paving the road to living hell with sincere intentions to save us all from our own earthly sins? 


Anonymous said...

Amazing!The health freaks have no boundaries!!!!

jredheadgirl said...

"With grants from entities with vested interests such as the RW Johnson Foundation fueling the anti-obesity mission, only the sky is the limit to how far some researchers will go to get a piece of the pie."

Lord have mercy...Why is it not surprising that the RWJF has its tentacles all intertwined with the anti-obesity movement?

C.A.G.E. said...

And please note how just like tobacco, many of the RWJF grants deal with children issues all in an effort to emotionally manipulate us. Emotional manipulation is probably the worst form of bullying. We are way past the nanny state and well into the bully state. Yes Juliette, Lord have mercy!


Vince Harden said...

Saw this article a day or so ago.

As for RWJF,There is also this from the CDC;

New Accreditation Opportunity for State, Local, Tribal Health Departments
Public health departments can now strive for national accreditation more typical of universities and hospital systems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is supporting a national voluntary accreditation program for public health agencies.

jredheadgirl said...
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jredheadgirl said...

Pardon the generality of my question, but how can we effectively fight back against the bullies? In the U.S. for instance, I can't seem to find an inclination or a clear answer to this question, as many of us seem to be too pre-occupied with spewing vitriol towards one another over who is "Left" or "Right". It's quite defeating it seems, as we (at least in the States)should be more focused on the bigger picture of us all collectively losing our freedoms.

C.A.G.E. said...

Juliette, I hear you. And albeit we are fighting a David vs. Goliath battle, we mustn’t underestimate people’s intelligence and it is the people who will make the difference in the end. When I started being involved in this issue 6 years ago it felt as if it was me and a handful of people against a sea of indoctrinated drones. When I would go on a public forum, or was interviewed, I felt almost all alone against the world. Today, however, there are far more people denouncing all this nonsense than it used to. What did it? A few things. The healthists have become so absurd that they are causing their own slow but sure demise. The pharmaceutical industry is aggressively under attack and thankfully the media is increasingly reporting their shenanigans. Our internet community has grown tremendously and we are unpredictably all over the place exposing the lies. We are an important element of the fight. People are waking up partly thanks to us. Let’s continue doing what we are doing.. It will take a little longer, but the politicians will eventually feel the heat and change their ways. They have to. Keep on fighting, it’s not in vain. Expose, expose, expose, that’s the key to reversing the trend.