Thursday 5 November 2009


One of our members had an intriguing experience with Delta Airlines that we would like to share with you. After reading the self-explaining correspondence that was exchanged with Delta corporate office you will understand that anti-smoking has now become a moral crusade that has absolutely nothing to do with non-smokers’ health. Not that it ever did, but at one time it was a lot less obvious than it is today. Today it has become so transparent that one would have to be totally blind not to see it.

Please do not hesitate to let Delta know what you think of their rabid no tobacco and their ‘’no mimicking the act of smoking’’ policy. You can write to them at:

Our member wrote to Delta inquiring about their no tobacco policy as follows:

I would like to know why smokeless tobacco is forbidden on Deltaflights. SNUS (which is spitless and smokeless) as well as electronic cigarettes can offer some comfort to smoking travelers. Why are they forbidden? Very very strange policy and for this reason alone I will never travel Delta again.

The reply from Delta:

Thank you for contacting us through We are sorry for the delay in responding to your message.
A device known as electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is available to the public.

- It is marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and used to assist users in their efforts to quit smoking.

- E-cigarette may look like a cigarette, cigar or pipe.

- The cigarette makes a mist that resembles normal cigarette smoke. The mist dissipates quickly and is both odorless and colorless.

- Due to continued instances of passengers attempting to smoke real cigarettes on board and the potential concern from passengers, the use of electronic, simulated smoking materials including cigarettes, pipes and cigars, is prohibited on all Delta flights.

- While Delta / Delta Connection do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board, they are permitted in the passenger's carry-on luggage.

Again, thank you for writing. We appreciate your selection of Delta and will always welcome the opportunity to be of service.


Serena BeckOnline Customer Support Desk

To which our member replied (pending answer) :

Thank you for replying.

I know exactly what an electronic cigarette is, I own one myself. But it's not tobacco, or smokeless tobacco. It is not much different in principle than a pharmaceutical nicotine inhaler. Why would you allow those, or do you? It is only a substitute to smoking and as you say it is colorless and odorless and it contains absolutely no tobacco. Perhaps if the attendants would explain to the ''concerned'' assistance in the plane what this device is all about at the very beginning of the flight, they wouldn't be so ''worried'' about thinking someone is lighting up? This would not only enhance smokers' traveling experience, it would also appease those craving nicotine and you would have less of the incidents of people lighting up as you say. Why not offer complimentary e-cigarettes on board, or even sell them? That would make you stand out, wouldn't it? What good is an e-cigarette in the carry-on luggage?

But this doesn't explain why all smokeless tobacco is banned. What about SNUS? Why would you not tolerate that? Isn't enhancing your customers' flight experience part of good business?


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