Friday, 6 April 2012


And some thought it would never go this far with obesity because being fat doesn’t ‘’hurt’’ other people.


Isn't it nice to know how our donations and tax money are spent?   And to think that since there is no legal age for use and possession of tobacco, if we listened to these lobbyists, minors wouldn’t be able to enter a theatre to see a movie that depicts smoking but they would be able to hang out outside that same theatre smoking to their heart’s content in all impunity. 


Good people disobey bad laws. 

''Harkness says he doesn't plan to obey the law and will continue to blow smoke in the face of the expanded ban.''


Follow the money to understand exactly why offending ads such as the ones that Americans will be viewing for the next few months courtesy of the CDC are fair play but heaven forbid that the CBS projects anything that can make fun of the holier than thou deep pocket pharmaceutical industry. 

Hopefully the CBS will get flooded with complaints from listeners.  If people still can't see the conflicts of interest between Big Media and Big Pharma is there still hope that they ever will?  Here's where you can write to express your thoughts to them:

 Unamused by Stooges drug humor, CBS bans ad

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