Sunday, 22 April 2012


CAGE salutes Karen De Coster -- for reminding us that plenty of intelligent, freedom loving people still exist.  

She had a bicycle accident where she credited her helmet for saving her life, yet can still easily understand why mandatory helmet laws are wrong.  One of CAGE's founders had a bike accident where he credits not wearing a helmet with saving his neck (he rolled out of the fall), and he very much appreciates the respect that Miss Coster shows other individuals.  It's also good to see others remark on the special interests making money from coercive health promotion, and North America's "pornographic obsession with safety equipment" in a "bubble society.  

Helmet Nazis and theCulture of Fear  
(...) The save-you-from-yourself nannies are an intrusive and irritating bunch. "Safety" has become a sick obsession in the modern American culture, and this fear mongering has long been promoted by an overreaching, paternal state that has churned out a nation of helpless idiots through the revolving doors of government schools and a politicized nanny state that holds people captive to their own bogus fears.
Your experiences are your own, and no one else can own the consequences of those experiences or relate to your personal misgivings.(...)
Hat tip to her for pointing us to the following video:  



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