Friday 30 May 2008


As we commented on our French post below, the following press release is a paid message from your friendly legal drug dealers Pfizer, using the Lung Association as their mouthpiece. Read it by clicking on the title:

The Lung Association Calls for Improved Support to Help Smokers Butt Out for Good

Don’t believe us? Read the ‘’NOTE TO EDITOR’’ near the bottom of the press release:
''About The Report
- Making Quit Happen: Canada's Challenges to Smoking Cessation was sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer.''

From our observations on what has happened in other countries, we are convinced that this piece of propaganda has only one purpose: It is a marketing tool to lobby governments to reimburse smokers for the purchase of nicotine replacement therapy, a very lucrative market for Big Pharma especially that the very low rate of success keeps customers coming back for more again and again. An excellent source of repeat business to be paid with both smokers’ and non-smokers’ taxes!

Yet the Canadian Press who picked up on the press release that was also parroted by Canoë, never published this blatant conflict of interest in their article. They left readers with the impression that the initiative was a well-intentioned call from the oh so charitable Lung Association.

FORCES has coincidentally reposted on their website today, a 2001 report by Wanda Hamilton titled ‘’Big Drug's Nicotine War’’ which brilliantly illustrates the Big Pharma tactics and strategies to gain control over the very lucrative nicotine market. That was in 2001 and their ways were already obvious back then. Today they have become so blatant, only those who have stakes in the issue still pretend they don’t exist.

Read Wanda Hamilton’s analysis at:
Big Drug's Nicotine War

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