Monday 19 May 2008


Whether you drink milk or not, whether you believe milk is the root of all evil or on the contrary the solution to every health problem, whether you drink your milk skimmed, partially skimmed or whole, that choice should be yours and yours alone.

Pasteurization of milk has been the norm for way too long for most of us to remember what raw milk right from the cow teats tastes like or any of its virtues. Pasteurization has been the law in Canada for too long for most of us to stop and reflect that forbidding us from drinking it raw infringes on our personal freedoms.

There are some people who believe strongly in the virtues of raw milk and will go to great lengths to get it and some farmers are only too happy to oblige. One of those farmers is Mr. Michael Schmidt who operates an organic farm in Grey-Bruce County near Owen Sound in Ontario.

As you can read from the Star article below, Mr. Schmidt has found a loophole to go around the law and has been doing it for many years and despite the warnings, he does not intend to give in to the Health Units who demand that he cleans his act. Indeed, the health unit has met heroic resistance from Mr. Schmidt who believes that individuals should be allowed to make their own decisions for what they put in their body. "I have deep respect for the freedom and rights of individuals," he says when asked why he is prepared to risk everything to defend raw milk. "That is the foundation of a just society."
Kudos to Mr. Schmidt for his determination! We only wish that there were more Schmidts around to make a stand for themselves and the rest of us through their courageous and principled actions.
Read article in the Star : Raw versus the law

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