Friday, 16 May 2008


From the FORCES multi-media portal, a must read article on some absurd anti-tobacco statements like ‘’it takes tornado force winds to rid the smoke from an enclosed space’’ that even Quebec’s health minister, Philippe Couillard – a highly educated neurosurgeon -- has parroted when he propagandized the Quebec anti-tobacco legislation. Enjoy!

Excerpt from : Just Astounding

You will rarely come across so well-researched, well-considered, and clearly expressed debunking as this. James L. Repace, the driving force behind the 1992 Environmental Protection Agency report amidst a long career of duplicity, is truly fantastic. The nauseating nonsense he has gotten away with for years makes one’s jaw drop. Here his best known rhetorical enormity, and the duplicity behind it, are examined and exposed masterfully.

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