Monday, 6 April 2009


Letter from one of our members to Mr. R. Liepert, Alberta Health Minister.

Our politicians should be flooded with letters such as this one. They can ignore a handful, but they cannot ignore hundreds and hundreds of them. Sending your letters regular mail will get more attention every time.

Mr. R. Liepert.
Health Minister
Province of Alberta

I heard Mr. Stelmach on the radio last week saying that our Provincial Government MUST base legislation on fact. Why, then, does the Government continue to keep the AlbertaTobacco Reduction law in force?

The anti-smoking lobby based the majority of it's campaign to pass these 'Freedom Crushing' laws on false information, as you are aware. Your administration did the same, using information from this lobby & Health Canada (whom also has lied to us.)

For example: "smoking causes lung cancer" (Health Canada). If this were true, all smokers would die of lung cancer-which they don't. A falsehood!

I've enclosed yet another link in the "false information chain" that proves the smoking laws in this province are based on anything BUT fact.(pdf-courtesy C.A.G.E.)

I ask you again to bring back the freedom of choice for Alberta's Business owners whether to allow smoking or not.

In these times, you would be bringing back some of Albertan's high level of morale which, in the past, has helped us turn things around. Not to mention restoring lottery-charity revenues generated at VLT machines, Casinos & Bingo halls. (This revenue is way down as you are also aware). People would have a CHOICE again.

D. Watt

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