Thursday, 13 October 2011

How long does it take someone who gets occasional whiffs of smoke in the great outdoors to die?

1915 No smoking sign - Note how the lady posed in front
of the sign while holding a cigarette in each hand

Not content to have implemented smoking bans in beaches in Vancouver, there is now talk from one City Council that they will ban it in parks because ‘’ Second-hand smoke is a known health hazard, even outdoors, and so banning smoking in parks would help protect children and others from being exposed’’.  

It takes about 20 years, if ever, for a heavy smoker to develop a disease suspected to be caused by smoking. This is why the Center For Disease Control SAMMEC software does not compute any ‘’smoking related’’ morbidity and mortality that occurs before the age of 35 in their computer generated estimates.  How long then does it take someone who gets occasional whiffs of thousands of times diluted smoke in the great outdoors to get seriously sick and die?   Five hundred, a thousand, a million years?  How can outdoor smoking ban proponents insult our intelligence when claiming that breathing tobacco in the outdoors is a health hazard?  They must really think we are idiots!  

And what's this about banning all tobacco products? Are they telling us that smokeless tobacco can also hurt the kiddies in the great outdoors? Naturally there is no talk about banning  pharma nicotine inhalers, patches, gum and lozenges.  Doesn’t nicotine come primarily from tobacco? Aren’t then these pharmaceutical nicotine products much like the smokeless tobacco products they consider banning?  In the face of such incoherency, we can rightfully wonder what ''incentives'' this City Council gets from Big Pharma to consider such absurd ordinances. 

If some people still can't see that smoke-free laws never had anything to do with harming bystanders and everything to do with making Big Pharma even richer, they'll never see it.  If more people don’t wake up, God help us all when they start getting even more aggressive against obesity in a concerted effort to push their wares down our and our children’s throats.  Andrew Phillips has recently written an article in his blog on how medicine is now seriously suspected to be responsible for the rising obesity rates.  You can read it here:  Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and the Rise of Obesity

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jredheadgirl said...

"They must really think we are idiots!" They are hoping that that is the case....They are mistaken.