Saturday, 30 January 2010


Think you're normal because your BMI is ideal? Think again. You may soon be harassed as much as the obese because you too are at risk according to this new study which you can read by clicking in the link below.

But we tend to think that the findings of this study actually make some sense. What doesn't make sense with either this study and the conventional method of measuring risk through BMI's, is trying to classify everyone under one ideal model instead of leaving it up to the individual and their doctor to decide what's best for them.

Another recent study also found that BMI’s are not a reliable indicator of risk. They once again found that seniors with higher BMI’s had a lower death rate than normal weight people. Oh but wait a minute, what about if the ‘’normal weight’’ seniors are actually ‘’normal weight obese’’? Who then has a better chance of living longer? Maybe the researchers of the first study should get together with the researchers of the second study and conduct a third study to come to the conclusion that more funding is needed for a fourth study because the third study did not come to the same conclusions as the first two studies. Confused yet? You should be.
Well here’s our conclusion: Scientists and the media should only report the science that has the potential of helping people instead of confusing them and needlessly alarming them. As for public health that adopts policy according to scientific findings, they should just stick to what they were mandated to look after – infectious diseases.

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