Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The e-cigarette is a relatively new invention that delivers nicotine to its user without the combustion of tobacco while mimicking the ritual smokers find so hard to break. It offers the option to continue smoking so to speak, without incommodating by-standers who may be annoyed, intolerant, or afraid of second hand smoke and prevents its users from inhaling what public health qualifies as toxic fumes.

While tobacco remains a legal product no matter how hazardous they claim it is to health and some have pushed the paranoia to the point that even miniscule residues of smoke are now such a menace that at least one hospital has banned smokers (not smoking) from a maternity waiting room, there is increasing talk of the e-cigarette being outlawed.

You see, the problem is that this promising invention that offers an alternative solution to smoking and the smoking bans, is not marketed by Big Pharma. Smoking bans who have been fiinanced in terms of millions by pharmaceutical interests such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, are a gold mine to the pharmaceutical industry who market patches, inhalers, gums and killer drugs such as Chantix and anything that might even remotely compete with such products must be eliminated pronto! Legislators are undoubtedly agressively lobbied by Big Pharma to quickly make the e-cigarette illegal. While researchers are generously funded to produce anti-tobacco studies as the need arises, the WHO or other public health authorities do not seem to be too anxious to order a study on e-cigarettes albeit they are supposedly waiting for such studies before ruling on the future of e-cigarettes. They are relying on the makers of the e-cigarette to order such studies, as if they will put any credence into what their findings might be. Since Big Pharma increasingly advertizes gum and inhalers as a substitute when you can’t smoke (due to the smoking bans), you can imagine the hole e-cigarette will dig in their profits if it becomes popular because it is much more satisfying to smokers as many who have tried it claim.

Our corrupt and/or naive legislators and public health officials obviously believe that the same nicotine is healthy if delivered by a pharmaceutical company and dangerous if delivered by anyone else. We are amazed at how many pharmaceutical substitutes are not only government approved but even reimbursed in many cases even though some products are proven to be quite dangerous, such as Chantix which causes serious side effects including suicide. Medical and public health authorities profess that even something like Chantix is still better than smoking. Yet according to their contradictory logic, e-cigarettes are not better than smoking? Are they more dangerous than Chantix? What’s wrong with this picture?

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