Wednesday, 27 June 2012


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On  June 4TH we briefly mentionned in a French article about how tobacco control advocates in the UK resorted to intimidating tactics in an effort to silence any dissent from their group-think mentality.   Along with an article they  had published  in the Guardian  , they created a Wiki type of website in a hardly veiled effort to tie ordinary free-choice citizens to the tobacco industry and to label them as pro-tobacco. 

In response to this latest attack from  a UK chapter of the Tobacco Control Industry, members of various free-choice groups across the world put up a mirror Wiki site exposing the other side of the story .  This collective effort  reflects the extensive  knowledge and the many years of research and dedication  of  truly concerned citizens (smokers and non-smokers)  alarmed at how far the tobacco controllers have pushed the tobacco control goal posts over the years to the point of blatantly and shamelessly discriminating the same citizens they're paid to ''help''.  C.A.G.E. played an active role in building the site.   

When short of coherent arguments, ad-hom attacks are the weapon of choice of  anti-smokers, but apart from a dinner paid by some tobacco industry representative to a free-choice activist, or a brief exchange of correspondence, they can't produce any proof that any of the bloggers and free-choice activists who are fighting the exaggerations and outright lies of the Tobacco Control Industry are being funded by Big Tobacco.  On the other hand, there is plenty of  well documented proof  on how  the Tobacco Control Industry profits both from the public trough and corporate interests to sustain their ''do-gooder'' careers and you can discover much of what is going on by clicking here:  Tobacco Control Tactics

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