Saturday, 18 October 2008


We came across this dated but more apropos than ever public comment prepared by Sandy Szwarc for the FTC/HHS Workshop in 2005. It is rich with references to studies that find that except for extreme cases of obesity, children can lead healthy and happy lives regardless of their weight.

Much like we have commented on October 12th, low BMI is not necessarily a synonym of good health. You will find that many references in Ms Szwarc’s comments are in line with the study we referenced on our FOLLOW THE MONEY BEHIND THE OBESITY ‘’DISEASE’’ comment. The irony of this particular study is that the actual research was likely attempting to find the complete opposite results because even the concluding remarks tend to tip the scale to the side of the rhetoric that children must be lean to enjoy good health, when in fact their own findings support that children can improve their health through moderate exercise even if they don’t lose weight.

Similar to our line of thinking, Ms Szwarc concurs that exaggerated public health and corporate campaigns against obesity are far more damaging to the psychological and physical health of our children and young adolescents.

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