Thursday, 9 October 2008


Some Washington and Minnesotan white coat healthists, have surveyed 46 parents of allegedly overweight children and declared that parents underestimate the weight of their offspring and are insensitive to the possible future consequences this excess weight might bring.

Unacceptable cry the healthists! Parents must be taught (read brainwashed) how to recognize pre symptoms of eventual diseases due to the overweight of their children. The naked eye and the parental protective instinct don’t count in the war against obesity. Never mind that the child does not look overweight, never mind that the child is healthy, never mind that permissible BMI levels have been brought down to new lows, never mind that many of these children will grow out of their pre-puberty excess fat, only 13% of the parents surveyed recognizing that their child is overweight is totally unacceptable. So unacceptable, that it is indisputably worthy of a plethora of articles in the media worldwide. This is a serious public health problem! These indignant parents must be assimilated, they must learn! And we have ways to make them learn: More fear mongering, more junk studies, more collaboration with the media, more government grants, more pharma grants, more repression, more…taxpayers money and direly needed human resources wasted on useless studies, polls and surveys!

In the real world, children of the third world starve, bulimia and anorexia are ravaging an ever increasing number of our youth, children throughout the world are physically and mentally abused and exploited, but our white coat ‘’lords’’ are struggling to gain control over our parental authority on the basis of a few pounds of weight over what they define as ideal.

You can read the article at Science Direct: Parents Foster Significant Misperceptions Of Children's Weight

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