Wednesday, 20 July 2011


A 9-year old child was removed from her father without due process and medicated with anti-psychotic drugs within 70 hours.  The child is autistic, does not require medication and according to the father the only reason she was removed from him was because she wandered off to the neighbor’s backyard and after he searched for her for 20 minutes, he called the police for help.  According to BC Child Protection Services, the father is too overwhelmed to properly look after his daughter. 

Since Child Protection Services refuse to comment, this of course is only the father’s side of the story.  However, whatever the other side of the story is, nothing can justify that the child gets separated from her father with only a picture of him to appease her worries and medicated without the father’s consent and all this without prior legal process.  The father has no idea how long it will take before the judicial system hears his case and returns his daughter to him.  Meanwhile the child’s mental and physical health is compromised. 

This should be of great concern to all of us.  If we allow the state to get away with such actions, there is no telling how many families will one day live the same tragedy as the Hoares.  
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