Friday 11 February 2011


06-01-11 Please note that since this was posted, Dr. Michael Siegel has also commented on the Physician For a Smoke Free Canada unethical tactics to inact outdoor smoking bans.  Read his commentary here:
and here:

When it comes to the smoking issue (and to a lesser extent the obesity issue), many people have expressed to us how amazed, baffled and even disgusted they are at how some of our fellow citizens have turned into arrogant, obnoxious, hateful individuals almost overnight.
Indeed, as we read open letters to the various media, listen to open lines on the radio or television, follow newspaper and other forums on the internet, we can not help but notice how ugly some individuals become when they hide behind the veil of relative anonymity. 
When opponents of banning smoking scenes in movies attempted to have a civil debate in a CBC forum, one poster using the alias of Dennis Brady had this to say : 

“Smoking is hated - as is any foul smelling addiction. We would have no less disgust for people whose habit was sh*ting on public beaches or on park benches. We would be as disgusted by people who refused to bath or use deodorant.

We DO want smokers segregated - removed from all contact with non-smokers.

Do you understand? Need I repeat it”

In a Globe & Mail forum about beach bans, one poster using the alias “doggiez” suggested this final solution to the “problem”:

“Put even MORE cancer-causing chemicals -- tar, formaldehyde and the other 700 -- into cigarettes to hasten their deaths.”

When challenged with logical arguments and unable to offer any reasonable responses, many such commentators accuse their opponents of being in the pay of what they refer to as “Big Tobacco”.   Here is a response from the so-called  “Dennis Brady” that is  typical of many smoker de-normalization proponents with very little substance to defend their point of view: 

''The people have learned to never trust anything coming from the tobacco industry or its shills and apologists.''

You may want to read or reread how C.A.G.E. was also a victim of the same tactic:  ''THE RIGHT THING TO DO'' NSRA STYLE
We strongly suspected that this hostile attitude demonstrated toward individuals or associations with differing opinions were not the doings of ordinary citizens, however one must always give the benefit of doubt:   perhaps public opinion had changed overnight when public smoking bans were adopted?  

Well, you can relax folks.  All this time, it was not your next door neighbor, co-worker, friend or relative who was turning into an aggressive “Mr. Hyde” when protected by the cover of anonymity.  We now have tangible proof that most of the people who are posting obnoxious and hateful material are simply following orders from the anti-tobacco industry: 

We have obtained the manual on how to effectively implement outdoor bans published in September 2010 by Physicians For A Smoke-Free Canada (PSFC) :  SMOKEFREE OUTDOOR PUBLIC SPACES:  A COMMUNITY ADVOCACY TOOLKIT.

We share with you here below a few of the more disappointing passages that we have uncovered.

For proof that they have tobacco control advocates planted in the various internet forums look at the footnotes on the page that gives advice on how to refute arguments from the tobacco industry or their ‘’front groups’’ (page 22):   

‘’ Comments from tobacco control advocates also appear refuting “Vince’s” comments. Accessed August 6, 2010 at’’

Note that we at C.A.G.E. know ‘’Vince’’ and we can assure you that he is an authentic grassroots poster from Manitoba who has absolutely nothing to do with the tobacco industry. 
Also appalling and very hypocritical is the manner in which they recommend infiltrating their opponents whom they conveniently label as “the tobacco industry and their front groups” :

“Whether they are funded by the industry or not, to stay on top of any organized opposition sign up for their mailing lists, preferably using an alias. You can also search online for organizations that oppose your campaign and sign up to receive email alerts, preferably at a home email address or some other location that doesn't link you to your position in the coalition. Be sure to share these communications with your key coalition members so that everyone is in the loop and you can collectively decide how to counter the industry most effectively.”

The entire 101 page manual is a most interesting document that exposes the tactics of the anti-tobacco industry and we suspect that after they see us bringing this document to the attention of the public, it will quickly be altered or totally vanish.  Not to worry we have made back- up copies in anticipation.
The following are some of their other tactics and while they did not shock us as much because we had noticed them practicing these strategies since a long time, we are, nonetheless, surprised that they would be so arrogant and self-confident as to make their tactics public. 

.....write (or sign ghost written) letters to the editor, etc.  (pages 31 & 33)
.....submit at least two letters to the editor each month during the campaign, under the names of different authors”.  (page 33)
.......Nothing can ruin a campaign faster than public disclosure of financial wrongdoing (intentional or unintentional) ? something your opponents would love to expose if given the opportunity.  (page 34)

Interestingly, in the following paragraph they acknowledge that there are in fact authentic citizens (labeled as angry smokers) expressing themselves and that it is not the tobacco industry and their ‘’front groups’’ who are doing the complaining.  Furthermore, they are acknowledging that most non-smokers don’t complain leaving us to conclude that indeed most of what we read in the various media must therefore be plants of the tobacco control industry. 

....... A key aspect of any smoke-free campaign is to mobilize the silent majority. Most non-smokers do not speak out against smoking, but you have to tap into their power to win your case.   Angry smokers who feel they are losing what they feel is their right to smoke will likely speak out in a variety of ways
--- letters to the editor, comments sections of online articles, radio call-in shows, etc. Their voices can seem very loud, even though they represent a significant minority of the population.  (page 36)

........ For the next few months, strive to ensure there are positive media stories, letters to the editor, etc., that tout how well the bylaw changes are working. There will no doubt be a backlash from smokers in the beginning until they get used to the changes. In the meantime, you have to counter their negative comments in the media, in comment sections of online news pieces and blogs, on radio call-in shows, etc. Your job is to make politicians continue to believe that they did the right thing. It is not unheard of for councillors to backtrack on their decision and water down legislation. (page 48)
........ Plant stories in the media about non-smokers politely asking smokers to move to a designated smoking area or outside the smoke-free area and smokers complying. Create the impression that the bylaw is working and it will! (page 48)

There are many other examples, far too many to list here, but we invite you to peruse the whole document yourself and get an eye-opening education about how anti-tobacco operates. 
The late Gian Turci often said that this was a war.  Sometimes we thought he exaggerated.  To our dear freedom and justice-loving friends, we must now admit that Gian was right and that this is in fact a real war.   But rest assured that we will continue to use the truth as our only weapon because when this war will be over, we do not only want to stand victorious but we also want to stand proud for not having stooped to such depths of deceit.


Anonymous said...

I have downloaded the Url. I will examine the contents at my leisure.

Well spotted!

There is a big and growing group of blogs in the UK dedicated to exposing the propaganda and lies of the filthy, dirty, fag ASH lil. That is, the ASH org which seeks to disorientate and enslave the minds of THE PEOPLE.

ASH et al do not know (or they may now be beginning to realise) what a can of worms they have opened. THE PEOPLE are slowly beginning to realise to what extent they have been manipulated by propaganda year after year.

It will take some time to fructify, but it is as inevitable as the DEMOCRATIC DESIRES of the people of Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Inchallah Junican, inchallah

Leg-iron said...

A very interesting document. They base their strategy on meetings and funding and organisation because, as others have pointed out, they actually believe they are fighting the tobacco industry.

What they are fighting are smokers - with no organisation, no meetings, no plan and no funding. They are using tanks against guerillas. They have a command structure and leaders, we do not. They have weak links in the chain of command, we have no chain of command. They have a system that can be broken, we have no system at all.

This is the antismokers' Vietnam. They can't win because they are fighting an invisible enemy.

Anonymous said...

This is harleyrider,Im sure youve seen me on all the forums or news comment sections around the globe.Where ever TC nazis pop their heads up Im in their FACES!

This is a war! Ive known this since they went to smoking sections and I can tell ya Ive peeled a few no-smoking signs in my day,early on in the fight.

The one thing these nazis didnt count on, was creating the most PISSED OFF SMOKER in the world ME!

I vow to fight those dirty bastards til the very end of their prohibition movement.

As a retired military man I can tell ya in a war you forget about moral right and wrong and you fight tooth and nail with ANYTHING to destroy and vanquish the enemy nazis.....Ya they got a few following me around to do damage control all the time.....Gene borio if your reading this KMWA!




Kin_Free said...

I've known (suspected) for some time that this new breed of ugly commentator was being directed by tobacco control to try to take over/disrupt message boards. Now we KNOW that the majority ARE tobacco control plants - time to expose the bast**ds. They have little support in the general public whether smoker or not. I have noticed that when confronted by a direct question they are reluctant to admit their connection with tobacco control- challenge them, again and again.

Soapy said...

I cabnnot thank our canadian friends enough for this find-it is invaluable. We KNOW that ASH lie & fabricate to meet their own ends but we are only just now starting to get attention within the British media-excluding the BBC of course as print any old shit so long as they see it as 'PC'. Prohibition WILL die as the country gets more and more penniless!

Michael J. McFadden said...

I agree with the previous posters! Absolutely brilliant find and presentation!! You abstracted just enough to show the true essence of it without gettiing into a long and messy argument.

Beautifully done!

Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"

Soapy said...

The one thing these nazis didnt count on, was creating the most PISSED OFF SMOKER in the world ME!

I thought that I held that title !!!

There are thousands of active smokers that are fighting these bastards. Either individually or in small groups.
Unfortunately our voices are not yet loud enough.

Anonymous said...

The one thing these nazis didnt count on, was creating the most PISSED OFF SMOKER in the world ME!

I thought that I held that title !!!

There are thousands of active smokers that are fighting these bastards. Either individually or in small groups.
Unfortunately our voices are not yet loud enough.

Anonymous said...


C.A.G.E. said...

Hi all, please make sure you spread this around and link it on facebook so that as many people as possible get to see what the ''holier than thou'' anti-tobacco is all about.

Thank you

Audrey Silk said...

I'm quite late to this party but I wanted to point out what I've been saying for a long time. This war has a lot riding on perception. I knew before this manual that that is something the antis depend on a lot. They are right about it too. And so I've been advocating the use of perception as well. For instance, we stop responding to them as being serious ("authorities") and mock them instead. The perception it builds is of clowns. It becomes projected upon the public.

James said...

We covered what I think is one of Ash's worst, sneakiest blatent lies here:

shishatimeltd said...

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