Friday, 17 June 2011


A report by none other than the American Cancer Society has found (as to be expected from any tunnel vision anti-smoking organization) that raising taxes and smoking bans could save $2 billion in health costs.

Never mind that smoking rates are either stagnating or increasing ever since smoking bans were enacted in various countries including the US, and this during hard economical times which only further proves that disposable income and prices have no real impact on smoking prevalence .  Health Advocates Hope Substantial Cigarette Tax Counteracts Increasing US Smoking Rate

Never mind that high tobacco taxes cause an ever increasing contraband problem which further subtracts governments from revenue.  Canada with $2 billion losses per year is the perfect example, however the U.S.A. has its very own contraband problems U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Charges Elleven Members of Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Organization

The American Cancer Society is wasting tax payers' money and donations to make up reports that don’t even remotely ressemble reality.  Shouldn’t Americans be demanding that their precious tax dollars and donations be going towards better uses such as serious research into the causes of cancer?

Smoking Bans, Taxes Could Save Nearly $2 Billion in Health Costs

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