Tuesday 14 April 2009


It is mind boggling how public health can justify their outrageous fear mongering using vulnerable children. Children take at face value anything they hear, see or read and can’t tell the difference between propaganda and fact. As if parents didn’t have enough in their hands to properly educate their children against a number of real dangers in society, they now have to fight exaggerated public health messages coming from their own government paid for with their own taxes.

Where, oh where will all this lead and when oh when will we see some measure and common sense return? No matter how hard we try to educate our children against hyperbole, no matter how forcefully we try to push back the message of extremists, our children are being indoctrinated by school, governments and their peers to be fearful of anything that is deemed unhealthy by public bureaucrats regardless of how counterproductive such messages have become. All one has to remember is how bulimia and anorexia now afflict children in their pre-puberty years.

In the following link you will read one example of such fear mongering tactics. C.A.G.E. has filed official complaints to different advertizing ethics commitees in the past for similar Canadian advertizements, but they somehow found a way to spin their way out of the necessary sanctions to be taken against the advertizers. Massive complaining however, can and will eventually make a difference. Please do not hesitate to officially complain to the proper authorities any time you consider that a message, public or not, has gone too far.

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