Thursday, 9 April 2009


We refer you to an interview Chris Snowdon from Velvet Glove Iron Fist did with Dr. Kamal Chaouachi.

Dr. Chaouachi, a world renown hookah tobacco expert analyst and an enemy of smoking bans, is outraged by what he observes is happening in Tobacco Kontrol and has become very vocal about it.

He doesn’t have too many good words for any of the Big Pharma puppets starting from the top with the WHO right down to the globalink community – a list serve comprised of approximately 6000 members who among other things give their version of ‘’expert’’ advice to the decision makers in various countries that want to follow the tobacco de facto prohibition trend.

None of it surprises us in the least, but it’s good to have it confirmed from yet another scientist from the inside. Let’s hope Dr. Chaouachi’s actions will motivate more and more conscientious scientists to blow the whistle. Compared to the anti-tobacco industry the tobacco industry is beginning to look like boy scouts.

A global prison?

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