Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Next time you read or hear an anti-tobacco dogmatist claim that ‘’science’’ has proven that smoking bans reduce heart attacks, please do real science a favor and set the messenger of such ‘’good news’’ straight by sending them the present page that tells the true story: Anti-tobacco activists have absolutely no regard for science or truth when it comes to advancing their agenda.

Dr. Michael Siegel has thoroughly analyzed a series of anti-smoking studies that popped up like mushrooms over the last couple of years in unsuccessful attempts to prove that smoking bans have immediate effects in reducing heart attacks. The conclusions of these studies were extremely important to the anti-tobacco dogmatists because they would have confirmed their allegations that there is no safe level of tobacco smoke and even half an hour of exposure to other people’s smoke can cause a heart attack. Each and every study when looked at closely failed miserably to give anti-smokers this strongly desired weapon. But this doesn’t stop any of them, including the Quebec government’s attorney during the Quebec UTBQ court challenge, to continuously use them as a propaganda tool in an effort to convince politicians, judges and Mr. Q Public that smoking bans are worth their weight in gold and any economic loss or social havoc becomes irrelevant and immaterial compared to the numerous lives saved.
Read Dr. Siegel’s comments about the various studies:

As you can appreciate Dr. Michael Siegel did an excellent job debunking all of these studies. The links above take you to only some of the many articles he wrote on this issue, but Mr. Chris Snowdon has now taken it a step further by officially proving that smoking bans have absolutely no immediate effects in reducing heart attacks no matter how hard the dogmatists try to prove the opposite. Please read his excellent analysis at the link below.

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