Sunday, 1 February 2009


Please refer to our previous articles about Mr. Schmidt's fight with Ontario health officials on his right to sell raw milk to a group of people that prefer it to pasteurized milk.

CTV reports a conference on the merits of raw milk which Health Canada officials deny. They claim that any possible benefits are far outweighed by the serious risk for illness.

Here's a novel notion for Health Canada and its bureaucrats: How about letting each adult consumer decide for themselves what risks they are willing to take for what they ingest? Who is best suited to decide which benefits outweigh which risks but the informed consumer himself? It's not as if Mr. Schmidt force feeds his customers with the milk. Unless these raw milk proponents have been totally shut off from all sources of information about raw milk's health risks for the last few decades, they are adults and in a free society they should be entitled to make their own decisions about their own body and health.

Conference touts raw milk's health benefits

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