Thursday 13 March 2008


Dr. Michael Siegel is seeing more and more clearly through his movement. In one of the latest posts in his blog, he’s commenting on the partnership between tobacco control and the pharmaceutical industry. ‘’The Rest of the Story’’ comment begins with this paragraph: ‘’ In my view, the acceptance of pharmaceutical industry sponsorship by a conference which aims to objectively discuss science and objectively consider policy strategies to promote smoking cessation amounts to prostitution of the scientific integrity of the global tobacco control movement.’’

C.A.G.E. and others, have been denouncing this conflict of interest incessantly without any politician or media paying any attention, let alone conducting an investigation or inquiry on it. It does not only amount to prostitution of the scientific integrity, Dr. Siegel. The pharmaceutical lobby is shaping policy and our lives not only through the smoking issue but on various other fronts that affect us all.

There will never be too many of us decrying this dangerous conflict of interest, so all citizens should get involved in making politicians aware that we are clearly seeing through Big Pharma tactics and we demand that public health should be totally independent of any powerful lobbies that are in business selling cures for diseases they often invent through social engineering.

Please read Dr. Siegel’s comment: Prostitution of Tobacco Control Science and Policy: World Conference on Tobacco or Health Accepts Big Pharma Sponsorship

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