Tuesday, 16 August 2011


You’d think that these Canadian studies (article linked below) will finally put to rest the notion that obesity is a disease?  Doubtful.  There is simply too much money involved in the anti-obesity industry to so easily let go of the propaganda that being obese automatically makes one unhealthy.  

Of special interest was the remark from the researchers to the effect that employability and the discrimination that the overweight people face from society are also important in making decisions about obesity treatments.  In light of this, wouldn’t it be much more beneficial for everyone if public health focused its efforts and our tax money towards campaigns aimed at ceasing these discriminatory practices rather than inciting the exact opposite through their anti-obesity fear mongering propaganda?   

We dare hope that this study will motivate more medical professionals to look at the individual on a more personal level rather than basing their advice on the public health’s computer calculated statistical probabilities.  

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