Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Christopher Snowdon is a historian, an independent researcher and a writer who has put tremendous amount of time and effort in his relentless search for the truth on tobacco and more particularly on the tobacco control movement.

In addition to his
website , Velvet Glove, Iron Fist, that contains rich factual information on the issue, Mr. Snowdon has written a book on the history of anti-smoking that, pending its official publishing date of June 22nd, can be pre-ordered by clicking here .

As well, Mr. Snowdon has now imbedded in his website a series of taped interviews with David Goerlitz, who, after having been employed by the tobacco industry to represent ‘’The Winston Man’’ and having bitterly regretted representing Big Tobacco, now regrets to an even greater extent his association with what he calls the ‘’power hungry, egotistical, money grubbing, holier than thou hypocrites’’ in tobacco control. (See his comments in Dr. Siegel’s June 17/09 posting ‘’FDA Tobacco Bill Itself Admits that It is a Scam’’).

Enjoy, but especially don't neglect to use all this information to educate others who may still be unaware of the extensive corruption in the tobacco control movement.

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