Sunday, 3 May 2009


A couple of our readers brought to our attention a distasteful and hateful article that recently appeared in a Waterloo / Guelph newspaper -- the Waterloo Region Record -- written by a local journalist and family man, Drew Edwards.

We will not dignify the author and the newspaper that printed this hateful piece by linking it here. In summary in his article, I'm going to turn my back on all those stinky smokers, the author expresses that he has decided to let go of unbearable flatulence any time he passes a group of smokers huddled outside smoking, in an effort to get back at them for polluting the air he breathes. He furthermore thinks that smokers should be sent to the zoo with the monkeys and targets on their backs on a spicy food night.

If smokers were a protected identifiable group the editors of this newspaper would have never published such trash. Not only would it have been qualified as hate literature against an identifiable minority but it would have also been considered an incitement to violence towards an important segment of the population.

Obviously The Record believes that at least a quarter of the population is not worthy of respect from their newspaper and those that write for them and as long as it is a less politically correct group of people that is targeted all is well in the wonderful world of journalism. This same newspaper allows to be published ads that discriminate smokers against employment.

Does this newspaper deserve its readership? We dare hope that anyone with any respect for their fellow citizens and themselves stops reading and advertizing in this paper and takes the time to let the editors know exactly why.

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