Saturday 15 November 2008


The JUPITER study was designed to measure the preventive effects of the statin drug Crestor on persons at low risks for cardiovascular diseases. Financed by AstraZaneca, the makers of the drug, the study was halted ahead of time as according to the drug company, the results were astounding and should not have been withheld from the public pending the completion of the study.

As is the case in many epidemiological studies, there is a world of difference between astounding results and the actual small effect this study found that may or may not be replicated if subsequent studies were conducted and Dr. Nortin in an ABC article linked below, points them out to the lay person who, more often than not, relies strictly on the media to separate truth from marketing propaganda.

Unfortunately the media hardly ever researches what they publish anymore, especially when it comes to health issues and thus the lay person remains misinformed and at the mercy of his doctor who may or may not have the integrity, competency and especially the time to weigh all sides of every medication he prescribes.

This article is a must read for anyone who took at face value the mainstream headlines on Crestor and was tempted to run to their doctor to get a prescription for this ‘’life-saving’’ drug.

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