Saturday 19 April 2008


A very frightened and concerned woman wrote to us at the C.A.G.E. forum recently. She dropped by to tell us the story of her son almost losing his life because of tobacco smoke. No, not because he inhaled it, not because it made him ill, well… why don’t we let the story speak for itself:

G'day and thank you.... My first time with CAGE...I sent the following to the Globe 'n Mail, to MacLean's, to every last Ontario Liberal MPP involved with 'Health', my MPP, CTV, a few local newspapers, one of which is rural and to one I've recently met on-line through 'My Choice' who encouraged me to post this here for Michelle and Iro. So, here you have it...

A month or so ago 911 whisked our son away, saving his life, treating me with the same contempt the medical professionals at the local hospital did. Superficial first glance assumption what with the current social culture and his problem solved. It's his Mother who smokes. His Mother, who if she really cared would quit. Stereotyping and Stigma too! We mentioned Hantivirus as a concern to be told I was in denial. Huh?

We sent our son away from this house that day and went straight to our Family Doctor. All considering our son and I did a lot of wall ripping out late last summer in our over a century old home, which included discovering mice nests roughly eighteen inches by three or more feet tall between the walls to remove. Yes, we were masked, gloved and well-ventilated. Hantivirus a legitimate concern these medical professionals turned a blind eye to, minds made up including me being in denial. Thank goodness it's not Hantivirus, rather our son's asthma has sprung off the wall due to this house, it's as I thought, Toxic to him! Not only would his medication have hardly worked here, as soon as it was done, he'd be suffocating again...911 again...medical professionals once again treating us with the contempt of narrow minds and self-limiting perspective/concern. Dust Mites alone can send our son into a tailspin of life!

This medical attitude needs to be exposed as frightening, if not life-threatening as it was to us. How many other people, age doesn't matter, are being misdiagnosed or not taken seriously directly due to the current medical holier than Thou stance that seems to say smoking, second-hand smoke, end of story? How many people are being stereotyped suffering from social alienation construed as 'bad' people for a glance, without hesitation no less. People don't know me, they don't know what I've gone through, what efforts have been exerted, nothing. Yet, the medical profession itself, seems to be a willing promoter of mental health disturbances in it's quick to judge stance that almost cost our son his life. I think this is a very serious problem that needs to be publicly addressed.

You can't have the CAMH and other like associations trying to eliminate Stereotyping and applied Stigma when it's government led and induced. To me, it's little more than government legitimizing bullying....AKA...Stereotyping, for which our son almost lost his life. This is serious. Smoking, no more than Asthma, any illness isn't a character flaw and shouldn't be construed as such. This state of affairs is morally wrong.

And this folks is what tobacco control ‘’for our own good’’ has become. A dangerous dogmatic movement that takes no notice of whatever harm it causes in the process. It matters very little to tobacco control and their faithfully blind believers what collateral damage it leaves behind in its passing. As our correspondent very eloquently expresses, tobacco control is breeding bullies stamped with government approval. A cold-hearted irresponsible doctrine that doesn’t care about science, truth, progress, morality, or ethics. Smokers are indignant parents, killers, abusers, that must be accused and embarrassed at every opportunity and be punished by any possible means including death.

For what it’s worth we have offered this woman our help with the bureaucracy of filing official complaints to every government body in existence. But above all, we feel that stories like hers must be told far and wide. The politically correct media won’t report them unless of course there is blood and even then they will minimize the embarrassment to public health. Tobacco control have to be exposed for the bullies they are at every turn.

If you too have been a victim of discrimination and harassment because you smoke, please drop us a line. If the media won’t report it, this blog and other similar ones will!

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