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Convincing evidence that New York’s mayor Bloomberg has totally lost it touch with reality:



One of the best examples of why government can't be trusted with social policy.

Veil of secrecy lifts slowly on decades of forced adoptions for unwed mothers around the globe.


It’s a common enough argument around the world at the moment, that various unhealthy behaviours increase the costs to health care systems. (…)The only problem with the argument is that it is entirely gibbering nonsense, unhealthy behaviours reduce costs to health care systems’’


There is big money to be made with anti-obesity and they don't care who they hurt in the process of making it.  Doctors will not be exempted from the stigma. 


Conflicts of interest are running rampant in the anti-tobacco industry.  

 The ‘’Ottawa Model’’ is a blatant example of the same conflict of interests problem in Canada.  
Please note how the program is strongly focused on NRT varenicline and buproprion. 
And then note the conflicts of interest:
Robert D. Reid has received research support, speaking  
fees, and honoraria from Pfizer, and is supported by a New  

Investigator Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation  

of Canada.  

Andrew L. Pipe has received research support, speaking  

fees, and honoraria from Pfizer.   
Is it any wonder that the same Andrew L. Pipe worked diligently to have the controversial Ottawa outdoor smoking ban implemented?   Support creation of new smoke-free spaces

Since the link no longer functions, here's the letter he wrote in support of the Ottawa outdoor smoking ban.  

Support creation of new smoke-free spaces
 By Andrew Pipe, Ottawa Citizen February 6, 2012

Re: No smoking at Ottawa's outdoor patios, parks, Jan. 31.

I write to support Ottawa Public Health for introducing a bylaw that will eliminate smoking in outdoor spaces in Ottawa.

The importance of limiting exposure to second-hand smoke has been recognized for many years. Ottawa has provided distinct leadership in addressing this important public health challenge in the past; the adoption of the proposed bylaw will continue that tradition of public health leadership. It is important to ensure that current and future generations of Ottawans are provided with the opportunity to enjoy smoke-free public spaces and facilities. Our children deserve no less.

Evidence continues to accumulate, attesting to the reduction in cardiovascular incidents and deaths that follows the introduction of smoke-free environments. At a time when the sustainability of our health system is increasingly in question, it is paramount that we adopt evidence-based, best-practice approaches to disease prevention.

Our public health department, the board of health and our council are providing exemplary leadership in this respect and their efforts merit our congratulations and support.

Andrew Pipe, Chief, Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation, University of Ottawa Heart Institute



In Australia, whether you’re a criminal or not, plans to register your DNA are gaining momentum. 


And speaking of Australia, you had better sit down stand up before you read this ‘’new’’ discovery.  A study from the University of Sydney suggests doctors prescribe "reduced daily sitting time" to their customers.  The study found that prolonged sitting will do us in within three years.  So perhaps the first logical step is to remove all chairs from our kids’ classrooms before they keel over?   Did we really need a study to tell us that moving around and exercising regularly is good for us?  What did this study cost the taxpayers? 

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