Thursday, 25 September 2008


Ever since we discovered that much of the healthist movement was heavily funded and even directed by pharmaceutical industry interests at the detriment of integrity, justice, honesty and health, we never ceased to expose this conflict of interest to our readers, the media, our elected officials and anyone who cared to listen. Please click on the label ‘’pharmaceutical industry’’ in English or ‘’industrie pharmaceutique’’ in French to read some of the articles we published on this subject. For a complete detailed analysis of pharmaceutical interests in public health, please link to: Clearing the Air and JUNKFOOD SCIENCE

At times we get the feeling that our cries are weak whispers in the vast universe, but at other times we are encouraged to carry on with our mission, one baby step at a time, one person at a time, one politician at a time. Today is one of those encouraging days.

The latest article in Dr. Siegel’s blog has indeed brought hope that the truth will eventually surface and it looks like the day may come sooner than we had imagined.

Dr. Siegel’s article doesn't need much commenting except to say that no one can fool all of the people all of the time and if litigation is the only way left to bring back integrity and save lives, livelihoods and our trust in public health, then let’s bring it on. One small paragraph from his article linked below says it all: ''The scientific integrity of the tobacco control movement has been tarnished by its lucrative financial relationship with Big Pharma. But what's worse, people's lives may actually be at stake in this game.''

Chantix Lawsuits Piling Up; Dangers from Severe Financial Conflicts of Interests of Tobacco Control Researchers and Institutions Revealed

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